how can i make a fire alarm system?

i want to make a fire alarm system for a low cost.

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lemonie6 years ago

You want a whole building system or just one room?
Here's the first thing I found:

1 room with pullstation and strobe alarm.
that link isint so good

You just want "an alarm" then, not a fire-specific one.
All you need is to get the parts and assemble them, do you know where to get pull stations, wire and strobe alarms?


no 1 alarm and pullstation but a fire alrm type
That's a short comment. I'll take "no" to mean that you don't know where to get things? I had a quick look:

SeanValjean4 years ago
Yeah I think that because of the cost and the shear possibility of messing it up you would probably be better off buying a fire alarm system and safer at that...
I don't know if you'd want to make a fire alarm system. I know I wouldn't because I'd want something that I know would work.
sjoobbani5 years ago
Those are going to be REALLY expensive!!!
Go look on eBay. I bought a FireLite BG12 pull station for $15 BRAND NEW
and a wheelock horn strobe + strobe for $15 all together too!
Then I bought a 12V AC adapter and I was GOOD TO GO :D
I built a PVC stand for the pull station and Horn + Strobe, ran the wiring inside.
It cost me less than $40!!!!