how can i make a hole in a plate?

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iceng1 year ago

You need to get a special tile drill bit and follow Rick and Kiteman's advice.

GO SLOWLY even pressure at lower speed.

SanjanaN1 (author) 1 year ago

thanku so much for the suggestions...its a ceramic plate...i want to make a hole in it t connect a clock piece...i hav an electric drill...do u think it will work?..or will the plate break?

bwrussell1 year ago

A step drill is best for putting holes in thin materials. They tend to leave rounder holes than your typical twist drill.

rickharris1 year ago

Tile drill - assuming a ceramic plate.


Also, stick a patch of masking tape over the point where you want the hole, to stop the drill-bit wandering.

LiveCrafts1 year ago

You can use a saw or a knife

I have a friend named Ryu and he specializes in given hadoukens which puts holes in most material. Then tend to be large so it might not fit your application

rickharris1 year ago

What shaped hole?



Try going to local hardware store and asking.

kjsrocks1 year ago

A drill.

If you want more info then we need more info.

iceng1 year ago

I know e monk that throws a sewing needle through a plate glass window.

Is that the kind of hole you want to make ?

It never ends....
Why is noone posting those informations necessary to even get a clue about the problem.

Answer is simple: Use a drill!

petercd1 year ago

Glass plate? ceramic plate? or a plate of steel?

First 2 Id use a glass bit (spear point ) or a diamond core bit for 6mm dia holes and bigger.

Metal plate Id recommend a HSS bit (high speed steel) as is common practise on Google.