how can i make a laptop lcd into a stand alone desktop monitor?

I have ano old hp mynotebook from the ancient laptop days and have disassembled it so now i have the lcd screen. i want to know how i could convert it to a stand alone desktop monitor. if give the proper guidance i will post my results on this site along with the diy monitor casing

Joe Martin8 years ago
As said below and many many times before, No.
aarone8 years ago
This can be done, but it's usually not worth it. You'll need a special adapter that will convert a standard display connector (VGA or DVI) into the connection that your laptop's LCD takes from it's motherboard. When I was investigating this for building a projector, I found these connectors to range in the $200-$400 range... too spendy just to get an LCD monitor.

A quick google search did reveal this link, though the original is in French. Maybe a translation will help.