how can i make a mini shotgun?

 i wanna make a masterkey shotgun attachment for my HK416, but i don't know how to make one that's small

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TigerNod7 years ago
Take two regullar BA pistols, remove everything except the gun itself, place them side-by-side under your barrel, and you're done! You can also add a pump very easely by adding a pin guide to the end of the barrel.
Oh, and I'd like to add that I can make a full instructable on this if you want me to. Just give me a call, I've got nothing better to do anyways.
What`s a BA?
Oh, sorry bolt action. Just a normal knex gun with a fring pin and mag.
Oh,oke thanks
knexpete (author)  TigerNod7 years ago
 if you could, that'd be great!
Allright, I'll see if I have some time left.
Mr. Muggle7 years ago
simply make a very small slingshot, that would be the easiest I think
knexpete (author)  Mr. Muggle7 years ago
 could you explain in more detail please?
just attach a rubberband to the front of the gun, then make a mechanism to hold the bullet, and make a small trigger for it
knexpete (author)  Mr. Muggle7 years ago
 thanks, i'll try that out!
if that is a real weapon you caint ,  anything that short falls afoul of th' "sawed off shotgun" laws !
knexpete (author)  gearhead19517 years ago
 well, lookin at the 1st picture, i'd think that i would be talking about K'nex, not a real gun (duh!)
I dont play with those toys and did not realize it WAS a toy till after I made th' post !

And I still caint find th' "smileys" so dont (please) think I am just bein' rude !!
Yes you can you just need to file a request forum and sent it to the BATF along with a check for i think $250 then wait about 30-90 days.
Also you need your sheriff to sign of on it, assuming you live in the US.