how can i make a pond vacuum?

i have a medium size fish pond need a cheap way to clean algea. i read about pond vacuums but all so expensive. does any know how to make one?

this will work well, the check valve just makes it so you dont have to unscrew the drain every couple seconds. Just shut the vac off and the check valve will open and drain.
HAL2.08 years ago
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I know it takes forever but algae is an important part of a pond. Here check this out.
jtobako8 years ago
Make a venturi pump and run it with an air compressor or garden hose.
Johntron8 years ago
I don't know how to make one, but I just use a wet-vac. I bought a large one for around $189 that doubles as a leaf blower. I probably only get about 20 seconds of suction before I have to empty the reservoir, but the drain plug comes right off, and it goes pretty fast if you have two people.