how can i make a small portable bubble blowing machine out of 2 pumps for a blastoise costume???

im trying to make a blastoise costume and i thought it would be neat to have the hydropumps blow out bubbles. now the thing is how can i make one? im making the shell into a backpack so the machine wil be safe inside the shell. help please!

lizbryant885 years ago
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woutervddn7 years ago
you could buy two cheap bubble guns (like a watergun but it makes bubbles [DUH].

As for blowing bubbles.. Do you have servo's lying around?
Z1ggy8 years ago
go to walmart(or any place that will sell toys really), and get a bubble machine. THey have one that is a gun that redips itself to blow out the bubbles. The one i have doesnt work too great, but you can look at the mechanics to get yourself started.
rickharris8 years ago
Bubbles of any size need a ring to form them - even a moderate fan will blow bubbles. A rotating ring with a tank of liquid soap an little water and some glycerine to amke them last longer will work. you may have problems keeping the liquid in the tank on a costume though.