how can i make biometric door lock systems with a micro controller?

orksecurity6 years ago
Purchase or build a biometric input device.

Interface it to the microcontroller.

Interface the microcontroller to an electrically-controllable door lock.

Write a program for the controller to read the device's input and compare it to the stored "correct" value, releasing the lock when they match. Allow for reasonable amounts of measurement error, with the understanding that the more forgiving you are, the less secure you are -- but also understanding that no device provides perfectly repeatable results.
lfrias26 years ago
how can i buid the biometric input device??? i really need to know because i am doing a project on that and i need to build one.
lemonie6 years ago

Which biometrics are you interested in, and how much money do you have?

balodabazar (author)  lemonie6 years ago
You do not worry about money, how much money you need to answer the question?