how can i make clay?

or can i buy it

rickharris4 years ago
You certainly can buy it at most hobby or art shops. Or on line of course.

In principle you can dig up your own assuming you live in a clay area rather then a sandy area.

IF you dig it up. Then you will most likely need to wash it in a lot of water in a container.Allow the water to evaporate until your left with a very sloppy muddy mes.

In the art world they dig out handfuls of this and puddle it on a big plaster slab to absorb the rest of the water - your left with a plastic malleable material - clay - the clay is most likely t be red - terracotta - White clay can be found in some parts of the world.
Palestine sun (author)  rickharris4 years ago
thank you
A lot really depends on what you want to do with it - Something big or small things?

If small than you might be better off with one of the artificial clays like sculpty which you can harden in a domestic oven.