how can i make money?

ok im a 13yrd old going on 14 in april any ideas on how i can make alot of money

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framistan8 years ago
You have to change your attitude about making LOTS of money.  Think about this for a minute....  Lots of kids knock on my door asking to mow my lawn. they always want 20 or 30 dollars.  It takes less than an hour to mow my lawn front and back.... so these kids want to earn DOUBLE or TRIPLE what my wages are to do an unskilled job.That's why  I always say NO.  BUT.... if some SMART kid walked up and said he would do it for 5 bucks.... I couldnt say no.   It isnt worth my time to do it at that point.  This kid is willing to WORK.  He is going to get a lot of jobs. If he does a good job.. he will get more recomendations....  Then when it is more than he can handle, the next month he can tell his customers he had to raise his price to 7 dollars. And so-on a few months later.   Some customers will say "no thanks"... but you will have a CUSTOMER BASE now.  When you cut their lawn, always do a little MORE than the customer EXPECTS.  Give them free weed-eating.  99 percent of kids want to make a LOT of money for VERY LITTLE work.  Change that attitude and you will make money. A little at first....then later you can charge like the big companies do!  
can i come do some yard work for you then because i need to earn some money
 Earn it.
cris5958 years ago
you could try going to the park and picking up bottles and cans to  turn them in OR wash cars.good rates are $5 for a car,$10 for a small truck,or $15 for a large truck or van
MoneyMom8 years ago
I started looking online for jobs I could do from home and found some great places.  I have made a list of places that I have used (only free ones), I know they're all legit because I don’t list them until I've been paid by them. Nothing to lose by looking, it’s free to get started. You can see my list and details on these places at Free Money Online
robotguy48 years ago
I've heard that DSs print money...

Oh, you mean legally?

Well, why don't you search and find out?
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NYPA8 years ago
There are MANY ways to make money. Try things that aren't typical as you probably will get more money for the new idea. Do things people don't like to do. Do it often. You'll probably make more thing than money.
acidbass8 years ago
babysit,mow,clean lawns,dogsit, ebay sales (I sell baseball cards and I am in a band in a month i get about 2000$ and i have been doing that since i was 15)
knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)  acidbass8 years ago
theres no one i know that would need those done
Then go out into the neighborhood and ask people you _don't_ know whether they need lawns mowed (or, more likely at this time of year, walks shovelled -- at least assuming you're in the northern hemisphere). Post signs. Knock on doors. Tell everyone you know to tell everyone _they_ know that there's a hardworking and trustworthy kid looking for a chance to make a few bucks.

Until you have a job, your job is to find a job.
Actually, this may be an ideal time of year to talk to folks about snow shovelling. If you wait until it's actually snowing, then by the time you get to them they'll probably either have hired some other kid or dug themselves out. Get your contact info into their hands NOW and they may call you later -- or they may even agree now. Then all you have to do is show up promptly, do the work well, collect the money, and be ready to do it all again.

I really wish newspaper routes hadn't become obsolete. I'd be interested in delivery at least of the Sunday paper, but paying some twenty-something with a car to drive around doing it just doesn't appeal to me. If kids were still doing it, I'd feel obligated to subscribe, since that was one of the ways I made money at your age. (My route was up to 80 customers for a while. I got a lot of exercise hauling those papers around!)
ebay sale start a band ummmmm invent something then sell your idea
Tnnrguy8 years ago
Sell yourself.............
Hey I'm also 13 my birthday is tomarrow Oct. 21. Basically ways you can make money like i'm doing is chores, writing books, and what you can do is go to Washington and get a small job there like one of my friends did(She picked strawberries). You can sell stuff, what a few other friends are doing is Selling stuff in school for a little bit more than it costs to buy. My friend makes about $10 a day.
 i will be turning 14 in may. here are some ideas:
mow yards
feed peoples animals while they are away
shovel sidewalks/driveways
rake leaves
collect cans
play stock market(stocks are going up so hurry)
sell old toys on ebay(works beat around x-mas)
ask for an allowance 

there are many things just ask people around you what they need done and will pay you to do

Re-design8 years ago
You could sell something on ebay.  Either something you already have or find something that you can buy and sell for more than you paid.  There are still lots of things that will sell on ebay for a profit.

Find something that needs doing and the you can do that no one else wants to do.  Then do that so well that you have hundreds of people wanting you to do that for them.

You could
Clean gutters,
Clean yards,
Mow yards,
Clean out garages and storage sheds,
Walk dogs,
Clean up after dogs,
Run errands,
Shovel snow if you live where it snows,
Collect aluminum cans,  (most bars just toss them)
If you play a musical inst. give beginner music lessons,
Save the King's daughter and he would knight you and bestow land and riches... no wait that's in a book I'm reading.

But you get the idea.  Wealth will not come to you, you have to go out and find it then harvest it.

Good luck.
save the kings daughter LOL what book are you reading
jtobako8 years ago
You have to sell yourself and your ability to do something.  You have to talk to people, because no business is going to be able to legally hire you.  Listen to adults when they say that they don't have time for something, then figure out if you can do it.  You'll find out later if you charged enough for it : (

Look around your neighborhood (you can't work if you can't get there) and see what isn't done.  Look at what you can do and see if it's good enough that someone would pay you to do it (set up the TV or computer for Grandma?  Sell deserts at school lunch?)

Most important is to finish what you start, even at a loss, because finishing is what will get you the next job.