how can i make my bike electric using a motor (with brush) from an air compressor and a 12V battery ?

i have wires the motor the battery a switch and an old bike

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MelanieS9712 months ago
What kinď of moter should i use
ANDY!8 years ago
What I would do is get a deraillur thingy, bolt it onto a car fan motor (free in junk shops) or some other motor which is strong. Then route the chain to the gears and clamp or bolt the motor on the bike. Make an instructable if it works!
benthekahn8 years ago
If the air compressor was something that you plugged into the wall, its almost impossible.
i have a compressor that has a DC motor with a rectifier bridge
The next step is to find the voltage of the motor. Find a model or serial number on the motor and google it. Unless you want a bike that has two speeds, on and full speed, you will need to find a motor controller. These could get expensive depending on the power of the motor. Finally, you need to mount the motor on a bike. Look around at all the electric/gas motor on bike instructables, and find a good way.
btw, i'm not the author
But you still could build one....
i like my compressor the way it is : )
its boring the way it is...
it does what it needs to do
Let me know when it's needs change. =)
you'll be the first to know!
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
kind of like this?
jeff-o9 years ago
The air compressor, assuming it's one of the mini compressors used to inflate tires, will likely not be nearly powerful enough to move you on your bike. It's probably also only rated for intermittent duty, so even if it did make you move it would burn itself out within 10 miles. So, no. Get a bigger motor.