how can i make my wi-fi on my ps3 work better?

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Rossmod8 years ago
make sure you have no other things running which may drain your wifi desktops, other consoles, and laptops ruin your connection by a lot.
Does that include iPods/iPhones etc.
OMFG1016 years ago
Omfg! I have the best idea!! OK. Ready? Instead of suggesting random ideas that will improve your connection. Just unplug ur ps3 from the wall go to your top floor stick your PS3 out the window and LET GO!! :D
TheGiant8 years ago
 uhhh  i dont have an answer i more have a Question, i dont have a wireless router or cable internet or ANYTHING haha, but my ps3 can pick up a wireless connection at about 25% at its best moment, and i was wondering if anyone knew a DIY antenna i could ghetto rig, or maybe something i could purchase that would greatly increase my wifi reception capabilities...... OR a way i could steal my neighbors password protected internet, he has sum stellar connection haha, i was rippin it on my psp before he figured out how to protect it!!!
 Does your PS3 have a PCI slot inside? If it does (and I don't know if it does) then you could add a card that would be for a PC. Some have the capability to attach an antenna to them, get one of those and drill a hole in the top of the PS3 and aim the antenna. OR I guess you could increase the power of the original WiFi thing for the PS3 by replacing it. OR if there is no PCI slot you could try to hardwire it to the motherboard. Hit up Google for more info lol
reddog923967 years ago
 I think the easiest way to do it would be to get a Wireless range extender or something of the sorts and plug it into your PS3's USB. You could also run and ethernet cable through your house and plug it into the PS3.
Keeter8 years ago
Just skip the wifi from ps3 altogether. It is not up to par. What I suggest to do, since this is a diy group afterall, is to mod a second wireless router into a wireless reciever. There is a custom firmware called DD-WRT that works on many routers and does the job. Give it a quick search and you'll understand what I'm saying to do. Essentialy what it does is lets you use your own wifi adapter instead of the one inside the ps3.
thats genious
JCoffey Keeter8 years ago
Exactly, using a wireless bridge will be the best wifi option. Since you would need to buy another router to install DD-WRT on, you might also just try buying a router that can be used as a wireless bridge off the shelf. You will need to change the network settings in the PS3 to use the eithernet connection no matter what option you decide to use if you dont use the internal WiFi. If you already have a wireless router that can run DD-WRT, and you carefully follow the instructions EXACTLY so as to not brick the router making it worthless, there is an option to BOOST the wifi signal. that in itself may help fix your problem, since the PS3 WiFi will recieve a stronger signal. That will only help with the receiving of signals, not with sending them from the PS3. I hope all that makes sense. lol
11230168 years ago
sorry had to many MTNDEWS. didn't mean to be mean.
teq8 years ago
If signal quality is the only issue, a wireless repeater will do the trick. Not only will this improve your PS3's connection, but will help propagate your(or your neighbor's ;] ) network for other computers in your household. Converting a router into a receiver might be satisfactory if the PS3 is the only device lacking signal quality, but that small shank of ethernet cable won't help your latency one bit. For that, I'd recommend running ethernet cable throughout. sells 100FT of CAT5e for $8 in any color you desire... or you can spring for the CAT6($14), though I doubt the PS3 has a Gigabit NIC. If your run is more than 100FT, they also offer 1000FT bulk for $50, which costs more than twice as much at any retail store. However, your cheapest bet would be to build/buy a better WiFi antenna for your router. There are plenty of Instructables to do this.
Mike.8 years ago
If you go with the cable, make sure you reset your ps3 Internet options. I plugged my ps3 directly into my router but it was still using wireless because I hadn't changed the settings. A little boster router would help if you put it next to your PS3.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
no clue... maybe get a usb wifi adapter compatible with PS3? get an Ethernet to wifi adapter, hook up some long Ethernet cable to the wifi adapter
While using a wireless bridge will help, because youre no longer using the less than stellar built in WiFi, if at all possible the best solution would be to connect the eithernet directly to your router, either via a long cable or move the router close to the PS3 if at all possilbe. BUt to answer your question, using a wireless bridge "should" be better. This takes into account that your router is in your house, and youre not um, "borrowing" a neighbors connection ;)