how can i mod nerf darts for the long strike so they can shoot airsoft?

im going over my friends house on the 30th and we are going to have an airsoft war and i only have $10 so i need a cheap way to do it.thanks if you submit an answer.that would be good.


Rdav-6 years ago
Cut the ends of a Nerf dart and put BBS inside them, if it is not very powerful try putting something inside the Nerf darts the bb fits closer and is more powerful, but not too tight or it will fire the dart as usual.
i dunno how you will eject the dart but if the bb is wedged in the nerf dart quite tightly will a bit of trail and error you might be able to get it to fire the bb, and fire the Nerf dart (bb shell) out of the end of the barrel.
( i have only tried this once, and it worked quite well, but it was with a cheapy Nerf shotgun, so things might be different in a longstrike)

if that fails, just buy a cheapy bb springer bb gun of eBay.
nfk11 (author)  Rdav-6 years ago are best answer but it wont let me reply if i click on it.and i found a bb gun online at academy that was only $18.(i know it is cheap and it was silenced and stuff).
Rdav- nfk116 years ago
nfk11 (author)  Rdav-6 years ago
yeah there's also some airsoft on eBay that i might a sniper and a shotgun and machine gun.