how can i play a game without the cd on the xbox 360?

is it possible to ""burn"" a game into my360s hard drive and not have to worry about using the game disk?

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frollard8 years ago
there is no legitemate way to fully install a disk game to the xbox.
Right. I have a similar thought. Could it be possible to have games stored on your drive (as you can currently do) and create a burned disk loaded with start codes? Then you could have several stored games and have access to all without the primary disk - for easier transport or to make your system effectively into an emulator. The biggest difference being that all the games would be the currently released titles - not the best 16 BITers.
jok669 Lazy Ape7 years ago
can u tell me what to buy for xbox 360 to have fully modded xbox 360 and where please?
Again, no - they put a LOT of time and money into making it so you can't do that without hacking the xbox, which == no xbox live.
roboteen8 years ago
no but you can download it from xbox live