how can i remove these smd leds without melting them?

i want to know so i can mod my ds with them. this is half of a cell phone with 19 blue leds.

Picture of how can i remove these smd leds without melting them?
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Method for Removing SMD LEDs

tools needed:  soldering iron, razor blade, tweezers

Step (1)
Heat one of the solder joints with the soldering iron.  As soon as this joint is liquid, slip the razor blade under it (between the LED and the board).  This will sever one of the two joints holding the LED.

Step (2)
Grasp the LED with the tweezers and tug on it.  Heat the remaining solder joint with the soldering iron.  When the second joint liquifies, the LED should pull free.
Nah, accompanied by you cracking the ceramic substrate....
zack247 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
well, i didn't use the soldering iron. just the x-acto blade and a cr2032 battery. i cut under the leds, and they popped right off the board. i then used the 3v cell and my multimeter (this is why theres the "multi") probes to test each led. they all worked. except for 3, i couldn't find them.
zack247 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
theres 19 leds. i can spare 1 to try this.
teledog4 years ago
A: Use two fine tip soldering irons.
The two iron technique is very good for soldering in components also.
Use an ultra fine tip on the irons, a rosin flux pen & dots of rosin solder also help.

B: support the board on a clamp & heat it slowly from underneath with a heat gun,
the components on the underside may fall off ( be careful!!), the surface temp ( with a laser spot thermometer) shouldn't exceed 260C
Use fine tweezers & extract your components.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  It may be easier to cut the board away from the parts. Remove any excess solder with a "solder sucker." YMMV.
I wonder....would the solder sucker suck the WHOLE LED up as well?
lemonie7 years ago
Can you get "sucking-of-teeth" or a "Pfffffffff" over the internet?
It's going to be hard but I'll suggest a sharp-knife.

Re-design7 years ago
Unless you're trying to repair the board why bother?  They're super cheap to buy and surface mount devises are very hard to get off the board alive.
I'd buy a surface mount desoldering tip for my iron that fits these LEDs, probably an 0603 style component.

If you had small propane powered hot air torch, the kind with catalytic combustion, that would work, if you are exceedingly careful.