how can i shutdown my computer?

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Vyger5 years ago
For a permanent solution you can just set it on fire.
rickharris5 years ago
place finger on button and hod until it shuts down

NOTE This isn't a recommended way to shut down regularly.

Outline your problem in more detail.
nurdee15 years ago
could you explain what you want a little better.

Do you want to know how to shut down your computer normally through windows.

Do you want to remotely shut it down.

Do you want a program to shut it down at a certain time.

Anyway if you explain better I am happy to help you.
verence nurdee15 years ago
+1 !

And @hackrz, what do you mean by 'computer'? Today, even a washing machine has a computer inside. Point at anything with more than 3 LEDs and you will most probably a microchip - more powerful than anything they called computer some years ago - inside.

So ... okay, we might guess, you mean a desktop or laptop PC. But still - what operating system do you use? Windows (XP/Vista/7 - Home/Pro) Linux (but what distribution) some Apple stuff?

Kiteman5 years ago
Unplugging it is quick...
What computer? Apple, Linux, Windows, And what version?