how can i tell if my computers are connected on a network?

i know its a silly question but i cant tell if my computers are connected or not, im on my home wireless network, but my laptop cant detect the other computers on the network, what can i do for them to detect each other?

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maddogfenby7 years ago
First check that all computers can access a common point - for instance if they're networked to a wireless router, and then to a modem, make sure each can access the internet. Any version of Windows will have a command prompt (on 2000 and later, you can do Start->Run->CMD->Enter) From here you need to find the computer's IP, from your command prompt type: ipconfig/all You will get a long list of information, but look for the appropriate adapter (i.e. if it's an ethernet wire, look for Ethernet, if it's Wifi, look for Wireless) It will likely come out with something like - using a handy piece of paper write this down. Do that for each computer on your network. After all that is done, on one computer type, trying to see another computer, let's say I'm trying to see if I can connect to the computer with the IP listed above, then I would type: ping You will typically get four ping replies. If any of these are 0 or Timed Out or Did Not Respond then you need to check your IP settings (make sure they're on the same network and using the same subnet mask). As long as they are responding, and have a similar network access point then all you have to troubleshoot is network access permissions which may include modifying firewalls or your access point (i.e. wireless router, switch, etc).
You can also just get the ip of one computer and ping it from all the other computers
wkter7 years ago
It all depends on your operating system, etc. Windows has an option to not be detected on networks, and you must also turn on file sharing in the control panel. Could you give us some information on what computers we're talking about?
coldpsyco91 (author)  wkter7 years ago
one is windows 7, and the other is Vista, and im pretty sure they can both be detected, its just the whole network is undetectable
Are you sure both computers are in the same workgroup? Right click on "My Computer" and chose "Properties". In the window that pops up, click "Advanced system setting" and the "Computer Name" tab. Look for "Workgroup:".