how can i un-twist a warping painting on canvas? thing is starting to look a bit like a Pringle.

the stretcher bars are going in all kinds of strange directions and now it kind of looks like something you'd see on a graphic calculator. am i doomed to just restretch it or can i flatten it somehow?

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lemonie7 years ago
Could you take it off, and put it on a new frame?

noapparentfunction (author)  lemonie7 years ago
i already have the stretcher bars ready to transplant it but i'd rather avoid that because it carries a risk of ruining the fabric
blkhawk7 years ago
If the painting has value you may need professional help. I highly recommend this professional art restorator:

Cpr Art Studio

Attn: Joseph K. Stetina

1318 Central Manor Rd
Washington Boro, PA 17582


noapparentfunction (author)  blkhawk7 years ago
the painting is mine, so it does not have much value admittedly. i know how to stretch canvases but i'm sort of looking for a quick fix before i risk tearing the existing fabric before taking it apart.
gmoon7 years ago
First check if a change in humidity (too dry) is the cause of the problem...
Koosie7 years ago
Cover it with something protective then place many heavy books on it.

But I don't reckon this will fix it in the long run....

But why would it warp?  Is it perhaps getting moisture on it?