how can i use a lenovo 3000h series monitor separately...

i have   a lenovo 3000h series desktop..the cpu has gone bad ever the monitor is still intact ...i have a problem.. the monitor takes power thru the smps (pic shown ) thru the gray cable attached from the monitor ...i wish to use the monitor as a stand alone ....plz help ...

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lemonie7 years ago
"The CPU has gone bad"?
How did that happen, I'm interested.

dark_angel000 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 i took the computer to a local tech and he upon testing the computer said that due to the overheating of motherboard the processor has gone bad ....i wasnt convinced with his ans comp used to shut down suddenly between the booting up process attaching few pics u see in the first pic the gray cable is the one which gives power to the monitor and in the second pic u can see that the gray cable is plugged into the smps.....

Well you could just run the monitor off that PSU, or won't it work without signal from the board?
Otherwise you'd need to poke a multimeter into the socket to find out what it's supplying.
Of the old board - will it get you into BIOS settings at all?

dark_angel000 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
hey there .lemonie ...............i tried a lot but the monitor i think takes signals from the motherboard ......n wont work widout it .............if u wish to see i can send a pic of the motherboard .. 
That's a real sod isn't it. Why did they make it like that? See if you can pick up what voltage it needs and you could fix something up.

It heard the OP talking about installing Vista and killed itself in protest.
gmxx7 years ago
 the pics would be nice