how can i use dc or ac motor as a generator?

hi guys i'm doing an experiment by using a dc or ac powered motor as a home generator it is like a backup generator. I'm trying to do the experiment as part of free energy solution experiment. which motor is more reliable as i know that dc motor is good at speed control and it is cheap but it is high maintenance as for ac motor is almost the same as dc motor but the disadvantage of it is the back emf it will produce. hope guys can help me with this. thank you in advance.

iceng3 years ago

See a motor turning an alternator.

Replace the motor with a gas engine and you have a portable generator,

just add some controls.

rickharris3 years ago

More or less any DC motor will generate electricity if you turn it. How much depends on the motor - roughly the same as it is rated for as a motor.

You can generate AC and DC from a car alternator


There is no such thing as free energy so think hard before you start wasting your time.

iceng3 years ago

What motor do you have To generate with induction 3phase one-phase, stepper,

DC compound, DC shunt, DC series, induced static, etc ?

What is your source of energy a Bicycle, gas engine, steam engine, wind power, water turbine, etc ?

Then we can give helpful details eve if it is your homework.