how can i use my CRT monitor as a tv screen please help???

i plan to move out into my shed soon and there is an old CRT monitor which im hoping i can use as a tv just need to know if it's possible

Re-design8 years ago
It's a project that is not worth it if you just need a tv but it would be a great learning experience if that's what you're after.

By itself a monitor is just the start of what's needed to build a tv.  There needs to be a tuner circuit and circuits to decode what the tuner exports.

Then you need a circuit to interface that signal horizontally and vertically.

You need a sound amp and speaker.

If you hook the monitor up to a pc you can get a card for less than $100 that will get you all you need to show tv on that monitor.

I'd go with that.

You need a PC/TV converter box or cable and I have some links depending on the conversion you need.


Single video/s video output to VGA:

Composite video to VGA:

normal HDMI to VGA:

Mini HDMI to VGA: " " and

Mini HDMI to DVI: adapter piece and


Composite to DVI or VGA:

single video to dvi does not exist directly, but you might nee to use 2 converters for that.