how can i wire my car to call my cellphone when my car alarm is going off?

i would like to wire an old cell phone to my car alam so that it will call my new cell when it is triggered i live in an aptmt building on th 18th floor so it it is inpossible th hear the siren .....if any one can help please let me know how

pyper8 years ago
You used to able to rig up some sort of serial link to OLD nokia phones and I remember EPE mag publishing a project that used an old nokia to send SMS messages. It could be as simple as using writing a PIC program to spit out some bit's when one of it's inputs goes high or whatever but you'll have to look it up.
Redrockers8 years ago
um.. could you wire up some sort of switch so when power goes to the alarm it will set off some sort of transmitter contacting some sort of reciever in your apparment setting off another alarm inside your appartment.