how can u make a good electric portable air conditioner

i wanted to make a portable air conditioner for camping and stuff like that. I kind of wanted an electric one because all of the ones that i see use ice and would melt during the day up hear in north queensland. i wanted to use two pc fans pushing air into an esky full of cold copper tubing and coming out of three exits of pvc pipe and  ducts running into a tent or my swag do any of u have an idea for my air con thanks

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JTomM1296 years ago
This is all about energy flow, right? So work smart not hard . . .

Either use a ice/evaporation cooler (just need to power the fan and keep the water or ice tank full) and let the water's energy of evaporation work for you (remember your high school physics?), or go directly to the source and tie together some of the "emergency space blankets" into a large tent fly to reflect the radiant IR (heat) energy back into the air BEFORE it lands on your tent and heats up the works. Or maybe even use both methods at the same time ;-)

seandogue7 years ago
Peltier devices could be utilized, although the problem is that you're going to need quite a bit of power, so unless you are willing to carry battery packs, solar panels or a portable wind turbine, and a charge controller, be connected to some form of line current, or power it using an automobile, you're outta luck.

In my experience, the problem with tents is that they capture heat and moisture very effectively. I think the main problem with staying cool(er) in a tent is air movement, so although I realize you're asking for assistance with an air conditioner, I'd suggest that you consider carrying a portable fan like the Ryobi portable that runs of the same battery packs as its portable tools. I found it very effective and in my estimation, it's going to require far less power overall than a chiller.
Your description sounds feasable, but seandogue is right, tents are very warm, you may want to consider getting or making just a fan. A fan will circulate the air, and when in a tent, you will most likely stay very cool.
ARJOON7 years ago
bring a small refrigerator the portable one with a big bottle on the top.put the vents outside and the doorside inside. connect it to an inverter. use baattery from car. start engine. and u're go till car runs out of tuel or battery dies.

you will usually get 48of cold air from your car and i don't think you will be using that much cause the inside(camp or whatever) will get cold enough within 30minutes
yokozuna7 years ago
This is an ice-based one, but an excellent design, you should give it a try.