how can we power up brushless motor from broken hdd?

i have a couple of broken hdd from dekstop or laptop.I've remove the magnet for other thing,but i can not find a "simple" way to use the spindle motor for something usefull...thanks....

Omega27 years ago
Buy any brushless controler for RC models and use it to drive HDD motor
it should work fine

Hdd motor is BLDC, not stepper. if you drive it as stepper it will owerheat
rickharris8 years ago
Its a kind of stepper motor. is the web bible on steppers.
gmxx8 years ago
The way a brushless motor works is by switching the magnets and the coils. It also uses 3 rotors, so it would require 3 different connections. As far as i know, you would need a brushless speed controller. This at least goes for the motors we would be using for robotics.