how can you know which wire on a USB cable is either positive or negative?

i'll be putting it on a 6p dpdt,and if i now know which is which,where should i place it?in the on or off position?

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This should help
cons11 (author)  professor20058 years ago
i know that because of other instructables i've ground wire considered as a negative?can you guys show me on how it is gonna be connected on a 6pdt switch?
seandogue8 years ago
Well, you could start by doing an internet search for USB PINOUT. That should tel you exactly what you need.
FYI, a 6p dpdt is not how it's said...

In the industry, we say 6PDT to mean six poles, two throws.

What you actually said (although I know better) could be interpreted to mean a 12 pole, double throw switch.
lemonie8 years ago
Red is +ve 5V as far as I remember, black is negative. L