how can you make a slingshot out of outdoor objecs?

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awesume7 years ago
Find a good strong stick, then tie a tight string, rubberband, something elastic, ect.. then find a cloth or something to hold the rock, acorn, ect. that you are going to to launch, poke two holes through it (one on each side) and put the rubberband, string, elastic, ect., through the holes. To use it put the rock, acorn, ect. in the cloth pull back and let go in the direction you want to shoot the rock, acorn, ect..
acidbass7 years ago
 the ibles site has many different ibles on this topic mate
Coliflower8 years ago
the y shaped branch should be at least an inch thick. the inner tube of a bike tire is much better than a rubber band, but if you want to go all natural, an animal's dried intestines should work. seriously.
CapnTac8 years ago
Trust me, you'll be a lot happier in the long run if you just go to Walmart and buy a professional grade one.
An Villain8 years ago
first find a tree (preferably a thick sapling and Recently dead) cut off the MAIN trunk fork so you have a Y shape, then take the sap of a rubber tree and cure it into a rubber band, for the thong, (pouch) make it out of rubber again from the rubber tree. and once this is done, you have it an all organic slingshot.
Inmor8 years ago
Well, If you had a coat hanger there is a way you could make one out of that, followed with a piece of leather and 4 elastics.
We had to do this in scouts for the wilderness survival merit badge. What you do is find a Y shaped stick. then use the bungee thing from a backpack for the cord. Lastly, use part of the pocket of the pack as the pouch. tie them all together and ur done. (this is a survival, not all outdoors slingshot)
their_dad8 years ago
If you're talking about a Dennis-the-Menace-hanging-out-your-back-pocket-type slingshot, then I don't think so. You can get some surgical tubing at most hardware stores, but that doesn't really qualify as an "outdoor object." If you want to make a sling though (think David-&-Goliath), then the answer is definitely YES! My son & I made a few last summer. The best material for the pouch is leather, and any cordage will do, so long as it is relatively strong & light. You could twist some twine or rope, or even braid a line if needed. We used left-over synthetic twine for the cord (not a natural product, but it kept it out of the landfill). After braiding it, it was plenty supple & didn't untwist. For the pouch, I deconstructed an old un-paired leather glove. There are lots of videos on the web to teach how to use these. My 10-year old got quite good at hitting a tree from across the yard (20 yards), but never used it for anything other than fun. Good Luck!
Well the primary ingredient in a slingshot is a y-shaped stick. You'll need rubber bands or store-bought slingshot bands. I can't think of a natural substitute for this part. You can probably use a bit of thickly cut birch bark, a rubbery leaf, or woven grass for the sling (the part that holds the ammo). Either one probably won't last long.