how come i cant favorite instructables anymore?

i dont know what happened, but somehow i cannot favorite peoples instructables, like it says some weird pop up message with an error, and it wont favorite it :/ i have 130 favorites, maybe it has to do with having to many? idk well if anyone could help me out i would be greatful, thanks 

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Kiteman7 years ago
The ability to favourite projects is supposed to be an advantage of pro membership.
i can do it not the people but the ibles
kcls Kiteman7 years ago
Best answer.
caarntedd kcls7 years ago
Are there some functions that are pro only that used to be available to all members?
If so, I thought that if you were a member before said function became pro only that you still maintain the ability to use it, and that the change would only affect new memberships.

kcls caarntedd7 years ago
No that was a glitch that happened to only a few people, including me. Up until I went pro, I was still able to view allsteps, get PDFs, and favorite things. If you updated something on your page, then those functions went away and you had to become pro to get them back. Yay for glitches!