how could I light my arm on fire without getting burned?

The title is kind of is self explanatory.  I would like the "safest" way to do this, I've seen it done but I don't know how they did it.

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bobdole56566 years ago
take ky jelly and put it on your arm thick then spray rubbing alchohol on it then light tis is more of a hand thing not a erme like to your elbow if it gets hot put small towle over DO NOT SHAKE OR USE WATER
gunshow5 years ago
look at Davidfz7 profile.
put on a pair of heavy coveralls, and wearing the proper covering so as to not burn yourself, spritz your arm with issopropal alchohol from a spray bottle and light.
framistan6 years ago
Use a video editor software. I am sure one exists that would allow you to overlay flames video over the top of "your arm" video.... to make it look like your arm is on fire. Other than that, I would leave stunts like that to the EXPERTS.
Vyger6 years ago
Can I take out an insurance policy on you?
rickharris6 years ago
just don't!