how could i salvage this microphone?

i have this microphone i got out of a phone it has a black and gray wire coming from it i want to have it be able to plug into my pc either through usb or a headphone jack... any ideas?

frollard7 years ago
You could hook it up to the computer via the microphone input; it expects the kind of signal that will come off this microphone.  Check out the pinout for the mic jack - it will be a stereo jack, with tip, ring, and ground - I don't much care to look up exactly where each wire goes - but I imagine its ground and tip you need to hook up to.
.  I don't know about modern phones, but the old ones used a carbon mic, which is a resistive element and won't work with an input that is looking for mV (eg, most everything).
ah yes - I'm presuming its an electret...