how do I cancel automatic re-subscription?

question says it all

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You go to "YOU" (top right corner) and then YOU again and the click on the icon SETTINGS (a clog) and at the right side a box named "unredeemed memberships" where you'll see you membership status and a button "More Memberships". Click on this button and you'll open a page with your membership plan and the option to cancel the auto-renewal. Cheers

caarntedd6 years ago
Go to your "you" page and select the pro membership tab. There should be an on/off function for auto renewal.

It does not work. They purposely make it as hard as possible to cancel your account. Crooks.

I need to cancel my account......I tried everything you people said, guess I have to go get a new card
yokozuna6 years ago
Stolen from a jayefuu response to the same question: "To cancel your Instructables Pro membership subscription, please send an email to with your Instructables username and the email address associated with your membership (so we can verify we're canceling the the correct membership)."
Please cancel my account and disable auto renew..

I have already sent an email to without any response. I will be contacting the CEO if a response is not given soon.
I don't work for instructables, just trying to answer the question. I suggest doing exactly that- send a message to Eric or one of the other staffers.
Thank you Yokozuna.

I see that I goofed in my spelling above. But, I indeed emailed both an last week (after checking the contact page out) and today I finally received a response from Mathew Dalton (HUYA) telling me that my account will not be charged and that the problem is a error caused by Paypal.

BTW for other users: instructables requests users to email not as is often suggested.
Best answer.