how do I change the colour of my progress bar from green to ?? Windows XP?

The bar I refer to is the progress line that goes across the screen as installation takes place.
The green is horrible and I would prefer a nicer colour. I can handle the registry if that is what's neccessary.

mathews7 years ago
Do you mean the windows boot screen progress bar colour? Different versions of windows have different colour progress bars, but I do not know how to change them.

I did however find this utility, but have not tested it before myself.
lemonie7 years ago
Installation? How many times do you do this staring at the progress-bar? Have you thought about looking at something else instead?

Kiteman lemonie7 years ago
Maybe he means downloads off the web?

I can't see the need for changing it, though - just look at another page while you're waiting.
lemonie Kiteman7 years ago
Well yes, make a cup o'tea.