how do I convert a cooling fan powered by a 'vehicle cigarette lighter'.

It's a simple cooling fan to used in my car - driven by plugging it into the cigarette lighter fitting of my car. 12 volt I assume. And I'd like to use it my home office as a cooling method for a server hard drives.

Re-design7 years ago
Before you use it, check the fan and see if it is indeed 12 volts.  Check to see that it's not just a 5 volt fan with a regulator in the plug.
lemonie7 years ago
You would be best getting the right fan for the job, and perhaps a new case?

Burf7 years ago
Any 12 volt DC transformer with an amperage rating at least as high as the requirements of the fan should do it. A wall wort of the right voltage and amperage will work, just make sure you get the polarity right or the fan will run backwards.  If it does run backwards, just switch the wires.
frollard Burf7 years ago
And remembering - computers already have 12 volts available from the power supply - if its for a server - then you already have the power needed.