how do I get rid of silverfish?

I found , what I believe to be, a silverfish in my pantry today (a "single one") (I figure where there is one, there are more)!  I have heard that the expense of hiring a exterminator doesn't necessarily rid a house of the problem!  I heard of "borax mixtures but have no earthly idea of what to mix with what, apply it or anything else!  (any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (Especially "CHEAP SOLUTIONS"  :-)   THANKS!

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Z..8 years ago
NIP has it in the number 1 tip.

Silverfish are a sure sign of dampness. You need to check for this, and make sure you keep things dry. I hope you have some source of ventilation in the pantry?
Re-design8 years ago
Get some  "cedar closet boards" and put a few in the pantry.  They are repelled by the cedar aroma.
acidbass8 years ago
leave a bowl of beer they are attracted to the barley and alcohol  and will drown in it
Burf8 years ago
Boric acid powder, its cheap, effective, safe for humans and pets and it kills a wide range of insects, including roaches, silverfish, waterbugs, fleas, termites, wood beetles and ants.
Just sprinkle some on a sheet of paper and set it out  where you have seen the pests.
You can get it at almost any drug store or supermarket.
5 Import house centipedes and spiders to eat the silverfish.
4 Sprinkle boric acid mixed with something edible.
3 Sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth.
2 Seal with spray foam all cracks and crevices leading to outside.
1 Don't ever again leave moisture where they can get to it.

A reallly small gun. jk. you could try ant traps? im not sure how well that would work or weather it would attract it.