How do I get the moldy smell out of a clothes washer?

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west49rules8 years ago
This same thing happend to my washer all you have to do is leave the door open when your not using it. The smell should go away in a couple days
Chrislee8 years ago
Hydrogen peroxide....and it will take mold out of fabric, furniture and carpet.
I had this problem before and I had to take the center agitator out (unscrew the top cap and pull the entire thing out, not sure if all washers do this) when I did there was a nasty layer of mildewy lint packed into the shape of the inside of the agitator (between the agitator and the upright support). It was a used washer we owned a few years ago, I am not sad to see it go. Other than that I agree with the distilled white vinegar.
iPodGuy8 years ago
Run a little distilled white vinegar through it. It should neutralize the odor.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Maybe try to dump in a box of baking soda and wash a few towels as the load. It should work the same way as it deodorizes a refridgerator.
lebowski8 years ago
I have done a load of laundry with bleach and also with vinegar. That seemed to help quite a bit. I had also thought about getting this product, but never did.