how do I install google crome?

I have this really anoying thing on my internet, and i think that its just a virus. everytime i open a new web page, 7 little new tabs appear, so it takes forever to load, and then ihave to delete them. i figure this will stop if i download another browser, so i figured 's use google chrome. i just can't figure out how. can anyone help?

yokozuna7 years ago
Here is a guide to downloading google chrome.  As for your viruses, I suggest using a free online service called Housecall from Trend Micro.  Once you know you are free of viruses, download their Hijack This! program and it will help you clean all the malware and grayware off your system. 
Sounds kind of like adware. In addition to yokozuna's suggestions, maybe also google Malwarebytes for additional security. And never, ever allow a website to install a toolbar.
the poodleo (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
ty you people no how to reply fast. i posted this question like two hours ago.