how do I make a foam pit?

help ... I want to make a foam pit but i dont know how big or how high ... or where to find the foam thanks!!!!!

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mikeasaurus8 years ago
The Pit: Looks like pretty straight forward 2x4's @ 16"o.c with a 1/2" ply on the inside. The construction isn't really important as the framing is only holding back the weight of the foam (which is pretty much negligible) The Foam: The type of foam is critical. The foam used in these pits is dense and allows for humans to fall from heights and not get hurt. You'll need to do some research and find a place that makes this kind of foam. The last thing you want is to have foam which doesn't the kind of impact you'll be exposing it to... yikes!
Hey sorry i am like 3 years off but i am gonna build one of these soon, what size cubes did you use, thanks!
christower25 years ago One site i found, pretty pricey but they seem good and legit
hookenup28 years ago
use hay
im not sure hay would give you a very soft landing:/
lemonie8 years ago
See if you can find a factory that makes foam mattresses or similar, and raid their dumpster. L
upholstry shop :) the dense foam used for making chair bottoms - the offcuts would be perfect - as you want chunks already.