how do I make a pulse jet engine with 100 pounds of thrust?

I want to make a pulse jet which will produce about 100 pounds of thrust.

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I recommend you use a simple but effective "U" shaped engine.
you can find plenty of info at
neivadan6 years ago
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Jaycub8 years ago
I came across this design on You might try something like this:
toroidal-vortex valve, valveless pulsejet.png
Jaycub Jaycub8 years ago
The the shape of the inside of this design cause the explosions make toroid-shaped vortexes that act as one way valves because of the direction of their spin. As far as I know this has never been made before, but I am planning to make one like this this summer.
jtobako8 years ago
With a big stainless steel u-shaped tube and a lot of propane : )

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