how do I make a wireless power supply for my bike lights?

If I created a generator for my bike (using pedal power) how can i wirelessly transfer this to bike lights or ipod charger ect...? I know induction is a way of wirelessly transmitting power and there are several instructables on this though I haven't seen a fully functional one and they're all worded in a very technical language that I don't understand.

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ac-dc8 years ago
There is no reasonable way to wirelessly transfer power from a generator to the powered load. Induction, lasers, damaging amounts of radio waves would require huge, heavy,expensive components (not suited for a bike). If you instead wanted the induction to generate the power you have already seen the basic principle for that, rotating a magnetic field against a coil with the field being the wireless part, and that's all that is necessary since only the wheel is the portion of the bike that moves relative to the frame and mounted load (lights, charger, etc).
You can use rc car circuit transmitter/receiver to send wireless power.
afro538 years ago
Tesla is the way forward. At best, you could take a wireless light and transform the bulb connector into your charging point. I can't see any other way of affecting the battery. Unless you de-constructed an electric toothbrush and use its charging element as a plug-in to your ipod - Conventional charging, driven by inducted, pedal-power. The prototype might be ropey but, the finished product could be a million-seller.
rhow8 years ago
I've been inspired by these bike lights from I have 3 sets of these for reliable and very effective lighting. It's stated they are powered by "pure induction". As far as wireless I think these would be your best bet.
goodgnus8 years ago
Nikola Tesla may be able to help...