how do I put a microphone at a bird feeder and listen in the house?

This would be very similar to a baby monitor.  Is there a way to transmit the signal from outside to inside the house?

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Alphageek636 years ago
I am thinking about developing a commercial product to fill this need. If you would be interested in news about this project, send me an email at Meanwhile, maybe this is a good time to let everyone chime (or chirp) in about what they'd like to see in such a device. Here are some things to consider:

• Wired, or wireless microphone?
• How will you hear the sounds? Play on an empty FM channel? Standalone speaker? Smart-phone app?
• Would you want to be able to have more than one microphone? How many?
• Would you ever want this to be portable? Would you prefer a12V car/boat adapter, a rechargeable battery, or both?
• Would you prefer the microphone to be built into a squirrel-resistant feeder, or a separate enclosure?
• How much would something like this be worth? I am thinking about offering a base unit with a certain set of features, and offering others as upgrades (ie, wireless over a wired mic, auto adapters, etc).

Please send any and all comments and questions to the address above.


kricketone6 years ago
I have three feeders and all three are wired with small mics I use a three way switch and that is run into a old cassette player with and external speaker, that way I can look out toe see whitch feeder has the most birds on it and use the switch to sleect that feeder it works great like have a bunch of birds in the house lol
framistan6 years ago
I used a wireless camera. Placed it under the eaves of my house. Then I could hear and see the birds on the feeder. I was amazed at how GREEDY some birds are. One bird landed on the feeder and claimed it as HIS for about a half hour. No other birds were allowed to even land on it because he chased them away. Wireless cameras dont cost much now-a days. They still need to be plugged in to an electric outlet... but the signal is transmitted to your tv using another little box. It worked great.
CTS-Chris6 years ago
Hi I hope this is as complete as an Instructables for you. for cost efficient go with this :its around $40 in materials and 2-3hrs. of work you will need:*are preceded by the asterisks *a personal amplifier that takes a 1/8 mic. jack similar to the one below then get an *extension cable there is one in the link below that is 25' long male to female they are in stores like Wall-mart, Fry's ,Office Depot, and Radio-Shack Remember that *desktop microphone that came with your PC?if you don't use it this is the time to RE-PURPOSE an Item it will work great for this* make sure all your connectors are the same type stereo or mono plug them all up insert the battery or connect the power adepter and test it out once you know it works; further assembly: get a *decorative item shaped similar to a cone vase large enough to accommodate your microphone. you can pick them up at Michaels or any other big craft store with a *silicone adhesive glue the base of the microphone into the tip of the cone (parabolic effect)and run the connecting cable out wherever you place your attachments. Make your* mounting attachments out of* 16-14 AWG copper wire in 24" segments 2 pieces will do. You can poke it thru the cone wrap it once or twice and silicone that waterproof tight you can get the wire at hardware stores cover all your outside connections with the same silicone adhesive wait for it to dry yes the full 24 hrs and wrap with* electronics tape (for safety i would put a small zip tie over the last lap of tape for added protection)this is to protect the connectors from the elements. paint the cone with a* Latex or Outdoor rated paint and put a small vent near the down-facing lip of the cone let it dry test it again =) once you know it works: run the cable out the nearest window and hang the cone in the tree by the copper wire by wrapping the wire around a branch make sure the cone hangs upside down or as close to diagonal down \ as possible this will keep the Mic dry and safe from most weather since the Mic is outside you will need a wind screen for it as well. you can make one from cheese cloth *ruberbanded to the base of the cone with the Mic tucked inside trim the edges and silicone that too.Protect or at least MARK THAT CABLE PATH IN YOUR YARD or it will eventually get damaged by Kids or machines adjust the cone for desired range of coverage adjust the volume and enjoy!! You can also plug it into a* PC and record the most songster of times for later playback! there I think that covers it . footnote: the copper wire is mailable enough that it wont hurt the tree over time. you can also staple the cable to the tree as well every 18" or so without hurting the tree. If it is healthy and not a sapling at least a juvenile. Warning: you should never have wires going outside of your house to the elements unless it is plugged into a primary protector GFI circuit,or surge protector. doing so is dangerous can lead to fires and lightning damage. So always play it safe unplug when in doubt.
lemonie6 years ago

You should be able to pick up a baby-monitor.<br>
keydogstony6 years ago
A small FM Tramsmitter kit could be placed inside the birdhouse. Then tune in to your FM Radio.
rickharris6 years ago
Place microphone close to feeder

Run cable to the house

Plug into an amplifier.
Tape the talk button on a radio down. Its probably better than a baby monitor since they're generally more waterproof. Alternatively you could use one of those house intercom systems (with the talk button taped down) so you don't need batteries.
...use a baby monitor ? They should have the range - unless we're talking miles ?