how do I reduce the voltage from a wall socket (220V) to something less?

i need to reanimate the indoor body of an air conditioning system. right now it just has two wires sticking out for the fans inside.
the problem is that when i plug it in the wall socket, it goes on full blast, which is undesirable. it's missing all of it's electronics. it's just the fans and the empty freon pipes inside.

how do I reduce the voltage so it doesn't blow so mercilessly?

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lemonie5 years ago
See what you think of this:, there's one of them in this.

VALKIR (author)  lemonie5 years ago
interesting read, i'll be sure to devote some time to it
you could try a step down system like the reverse of a transformer or you could put a variable resistor to change the speed of the fan.. failing that hack up on old aplience that runs the same specs as it.. ie i needed a charger for my phone so i hacked up an older charger for the step down and re soldered the wires
rickharris5 years ago
This isn't trivial and I doubt you will be able to do it. Perhaps the best is to shield the fan so not so much air goes past.
VALKIR (author)  rickharris5 years ago
does it involve a complicated schematic?
It involves complicated electronics and if not skilled it is far best not to play with mains electricity. A mechanical solution would be better.

Ya... I don't like the sounds of this...