how do I remove mineral buildup from sink handles?

Hi there! I have a problem where I can't remove this green mineral buildup from my sink handles, and drain thingy that sticks up out of the hole. It's really annoying as I have used everything under the sun to get it off! How should I remove it? I'll post a pic of it so you can see it.

Sink is porcelain
that's it!!

Picture of how do I remove mineral buildup from sink handles?
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mole13 years ago

If you're sure the discoloration is hard water deposit or soap scum - I'd probably wrap it with a vinegar soaked cloth for a while, then scrape at it with a credit card or razor blade and finally toothbrush with more vinegar. When I want to make the metal sparkle as well as the porcelain I use a Mr Clean's white (melamine?) sponge - they are fabulous for taking water spots off metal & glass and in my experience don't scratch.

My sixty six year old bathtub drain surround looked diseased. Close inspection showed that the porcelain had been worn away. (Some fool sometime in the tub's history used a strong acid cleaner on the tub and etched not only the inside of the tub but drip lines down the outside. I urge you to test anything stronger than vinegar on an old ceramic bowl.)

If your drain thingy surround is worn away, nail polish comes in white and lots of colors. It comes off with acetone. My drain looks a bit odd with pink, white and blue stripes, but it no longer looks hazardous to health.

www139 (author)  mole12 years ago

thanks, giving it a try now. :)

www139 (author)  www1392 years ago

it worked like a charm. Thanks!

Vyger3 years ago

Lime away can remove most hard water deposits, if that is what it is. Porcelain is usually not effected by most chemicals but imitation marble is. It will get pits in it from acid cleaners like toilet bowel cleaners. So be certain of what the sink is made of.

Is it possible that it is just soap buildup?

www139 (author)  Vyger3 years ago

that's a good thought that I never came up with. I never really thought about it being soap scum! Thanks! :)

Kiteman3 years ago

As long as your fittings are not actually metal, just wipe them down with a mixture of vinegar and elbow grease.

If they are metal fittings, use a plastic scouring pad and lots of elbow grease.

+1, gotta say, I've found that as effective as CLR/LimeAway in most cases. In my opinion, it's just far more expensive than undiluted white vinegar and a scotchpad, and in the end far worse for the eco sphere

Just be careful. Brand new scotch pads can scratch many of the more affordable finished components used in most homes, so unless you're living in a mansion, caution is the word. Scrub a few pots and pans with that scotch pad before you use it for more vulnerable surfaces.

Lime Away or CLR will do the trick. Need to let it soak for a bit before scrubbing.

Triclaw3 years ago

I agree with vyger lime away