how do I remove stickers for plasic objects safely?


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I have had good luck with a Goo Gone soak followed by soap and hot water.

The question has also been answered here and here and addressed in this Instructable. works really well, i used it on my old bike.
Flashflint8 years ago
Lighter fluid. As in Zippo, not charcoal.
Sometimes pulling very slowly will allow the adhesive to "flow" without tearing the sticker. This is probably the only safe way to get stickers off paper or cardboard (like records and books). If there's residue, use part of the removed sticker, or some sticky tape, to remove the residue. Sometimes a series of quick dabs will get it off, a piece at a time.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Ofttimes, heating gently with a hairdryer will loosen the glue enough that you can peel it off. Usually a slow process (you don't want to get the plastic too hot), but sometimes you get lucky and they almost fall off.
soaking in hot water, remove whatever you can with your fingernail, repeat. Or another good this is buying a product called goo be gone or goo-b-gone something along those lines. made mainly from orange oil i think. that or they have a bunch of orange scent in it. It works pretty good.
sold in dollar tree stores