how do I replace a samsung front loading washer door seal?

bwrussell9 months ago

I'm going to guess that there are probably several guides, video and text, that already exist online if you search.
Be prepared for it to be a whole thing. For my Whirlpool it involves taking the entire shell off.

Toga_Dan9 months ago

as vyger said, start with the model number. Often you can find diagrams online of how the entire machine goes together. Youtube is often useful, too. One thing to pay attention to anywhere there are mating surfaces to seal against water- clean those surfaces before assembling. Dirt can make the difference between sealing and leaking.

Vyger9 months ago

Wow, a new member joined in the hopes of getting decent advice. Well, that is part of the reason we do it, because good advice is sometimes hard to come by.

First thing , and I mean the first thing, find the tag on it that has the serial number and go to the company web site and find out if this is one of the recalled ones. I remember there was an entire line of washer that were recalled because they were designed wrong and they did not just brake down but in some cases flew apart.

Then after that you could look at the instructable to the right that says how to replace the door seal. If you don't see it listed there then this is the link to it.

It looks like a pretty complete instructable and if you have any other questions you can ask the author directly.