how do I stick pieces of ceramic onto a vertical wall to make a mosaic (ref Gaudi)?

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mikolynn5 years ago
In Catalan masonry, (where Gaudi was from) we use a mix with cement and lime (calcium oxide) art 10-30% of lime to build that kind of things, also to plaster or coating a wall.
One cheap and very effective glue I've found is contact cement. It is very strong and can even glue things to metal and glass! Basically, you would apply a thin coat onto the suface of the wall and on the back of the tiles. Let both dry, then put another thin coat on the tiles right before application. It should grab on quickly and hold soon after. You do have to be careful though, because it dries in a yellowish color sometimes. You can usually find it near the flooring or in the adhesive department
9w2xyz7 years ago
All custom glues for mosaic are just plain expensive. If your wall is smooth..... roughen it by gouging it out. Then use pure cement. Its cheap and cleans up real well. In many developing countries, they just dont use grout. Its way too expensive. So all bathroom tile and stuff is mounted using pure cement. You can get coloured cement if you like or you can add fine aggregate for a visual relief.
I used Poly Filla and it was a disaster, then I realized I should have done what jfkendall suggested. Still mean to try it. Hope your project is a smasher (broken and smashed china-"smasher" oh I do so amuse myself) ;0)
stncilr8 years ago
Pl premium. its about 5$ and comes in a tube, this glue will bond anything together!
poi_pai8 years ago
We did a wall in the basement at my Mother's house, and we just used caulk. It's lasted something like 8 years so far.
jfkendall8 years ago
Hi. Go to Home Depot or any other store that sells tile and ask them for whatever tile cement they have on hand. Tiles are usually ceramic and the thin set or tile cement they are selling will work very well. What you are doing is exactly the same as tiling a wall but the tile pieces are not of a uniform size. You will have to grout your work as well but this shouldn't be too difficult. Hope this helps!
Mosaic glue, ceramic caulk, liquid nails, epoxy, mighty putty, they'll all do it for you. I'd suggest against mighty putty though. It does work, but it takes up space (mosaic would be hard to get flat) and it's hard to knead.
NOt to be a billy mays, but try mighty puttty
U2rocks!8 years ago
frollard8 years ago
I used a product called 'no more nails' - good tack and strong bond for small pieces like mosaic ceramic.
Another option would be to get plywood or some other sturdy board and make it in panels to hang or install.
iPodGuy8 years ago
There's actually mosaic glue that you can get from a craft store and use. My wife likes to mosaic and that's the glue she uses. It's good stuff, too. Sometimes I get in trouble for borrowing it for other projects!