how do I transfer songs from my I-pod to my computer without using I-tunes?

I want to put songs from my ipod to my computer which doesnt have I-tunes. PLEEEEEEASE HELP!

Vyger6 years ago
Just download I tunes to the computer first.
I seam to remember that I Pods use a standard file system on the drives but that the I tunes software has its own compression instructions so the files can't be read with out the decompression abilities of I tunes. Its like trying to watch a video without the correct CoDEC, it just won't play.
There might be a hack out there somewhere but truthfully I wouldn't take the chance of corrupting everything especially since I tunes is free.
I might be wrong about this but I suggest you just take the easy route anyway and use I tunes.
Note that this is one reason some of us buy players other than iPods.