how do I upload pictures?

How do I upload and install pix and sync the pix with my instruction steps?

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Kiteman6 years ago
When you are writing your project, at the bottom of each step are buttons to upload the images and automatically link them to that step.

Alternatively, you can go to your "You" link, then look to the left of the page to see a link to your image library. Click it, then follow the instructions for uploading images. You can then later attach images to a project opening the image library from the edit screen.
Thank you! I could not get the uploader to work, but this comment helped me fix that.
You're welcome!
dmonson194 years ago
How on an ipad
diy_bloke5 years ago
Anybody any idea why since a few days the 'select images' button in making an instructable is gone?
iceng6 years ago
I maintain an Ibles folder that keeps all my images, PDF-files and videos ready
for uploading to your library. You can also arrange your library by group names
at selected when you upload.

te101 iceng5 years ago
thank u i was wondering
When you start to write an instructable, there should be a box somewhere near the bottom of the page with buttons to "select images" and "upload". Once the pictures are uploaded, you can drag them from the library (at the bottom) to the page (the box just above it). You can then do this for each step, although the photos only need uploading once.