how do build an atomizer nozzle?

we were wondering how to build a heatresistant atomizer, it doesn't have to be fancy or anything?

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itcanbedone7 years ago
I would suggest using a stainless steel atomization nozzle typically used for industrial atomization humidification.  These nozzles typically have a .006" orifice.  They can handle an extreme amount of heat without fail. 
jtobako7 years ago
What other items do what you want?  The sprayer end of some hose fittings (cone-in-cone with a small gap), a pump spray bottle with adjustable end (tiny hole, not sure of exact specs : P ), a spray paint can, ultrasonic vaporizer, a cold-mist vaporizer (water on a spinning disk) could even look at old fashion pump/gas torches, where the end was pre-heated to help vaporize the stream of liquid coming out.

If the liquid is too viscus to vaporize threw a small hole, then maybe if the stream hits a barrier to break up the droplets (like in the drip oil-burners in some pottery kilns).
lemonie7 years ago
Re-design is suggesting this

I ask what is the liquid, because it will make a difference? L
keijemosch (author)  lemonie7 years ago
we can't use the venturi effect because we can't have an airline there, it's gonna be a bit high temp for that, also, the flame starting at the source is not a problem, since its not anywhere near people or a fuel tank, we're currently using lampoil as fuel, we can however deliver pressurized fuel...
That's why I was asking about the liquid. Have you seen the oil-fired furnace instructables, and are they anything like what you want?


keijemosch (author)  lemonie7 years ago
that's not gonna work, as the flaming point is 100 degrees celsius. so we really nead a sort of mist. we need a more volatile combustion, and we cannot really use very volatile fuels as the peeps will nag about it. 

we are building a pulse jet btw
Right, now we know what you're up to. Start it on propane, then when you've got it running the whole thing will be red-hot and the oil less viscous. You'll want a very narrow nozzle (or several) and a pump. Although if the hot device vapourises the fuel you might get away with something more crude.
Technical paper on oil-mist injection

Exactly!  Nice graphic.
Koosie7 years ago
Do you mean something like a fuel injector but with a constant spray?
keijemosch (author)  Koosie7 years ago
I see you're building a pulse jet.  From my understanding of the pulse jet, a fuel injector is exactly what you need.

Attached is a picture of a valved pulse jet engine (1 = air, 2 = fuel, 3 = valve close and bang, 4 = exhaust).

An injector can handle extreme heat, pressure and sprays hectic fine.

Grab one cheaply at a scrap yard, wire it up and there you go.
Re-design7 years ago
An atomizer is just a tube directing blown air over the end of a suction tube.

An atomizer does not make a very good flamethrower.  The problem is that all the fuel vaporizes at the source and the operator gets burned.  So what you're think is probably going to backfire.