how do dust affect my performance in my computer?

How can i explain this factors which affect my computer!
1.Excessive temperature
2.Human being
3.Power outrage
7.Dust building up

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lemonie8 years ago
Power outrage? What's that like?

That's what I feel when hit with a power outage after two hours of editing but before I save the file. (For me, the nicest thing about laptops is that they have a built-in UPS.)
Ah, like copying a BASIC program out of a magazine into a 1980s 8-bit home-computer and accidentally nudging the 9V power-lead, not having backed-up to audio-tape in the last half-hour?

More or less. (I waited for diskettes. I wanted random access, darn it.)
Z.. lemonie8 years ago
Lemonie you are a font of knowledge and you don't know about Power Outrage??

Power outrage is being in the shower, slathered in shampoo, (in an internal room without windows), and plunged into blackness/skidding all over the place,trying to stay upright/turning off the cold tap instead of the hot/leaping sideways out of the shower and listening to the pinging noise as each shower hook snaps as you hold on to it for dear life.

That;...and some,padding gave me a soft landing, but the vocalization would have embarrassed a wharfie!

That's power outrage.
lemonie Z..8 years ago
Well knowledge has to be acquired, thanks for that addition to the database.

ANDY!8 years ago
New computer time?
V-Man7378 years ago
Preferably in your native language.
Dust can be really awful if the fine, greasy stuff (like from your pets) gets onto the cooling blades of your CPU. I've seen too many formidable computers crippled in this way. Filter the air going in there, and don't let your pets near the computer!
seandogue8 years ago
Dust buildup results in #1, excessive heat. It can also result in #6 and #3, first by making the fan blades rub in their fixture and second by clogging the cooling on the power supply so that it overheats and fails
Sandisk1duo8 years ago

that's the answer
I thought 42 was the answer...
It is.
Tnnrguy8 years ago
well you alwat need to keep your comouter cleen becouse of thoses things you just listed,If there dust covering your fans and mother boards the computer will heat up anf the processor will heat up but one it the answer are you cheating on a test or something......
Re-design8 years ago
Looks like you have a homework assignment.  Everyone of these questions could be answered either by your personal experience or from info you can get on the internet by searching.

Remember to use complete sentences, check your spelling and watch your grammar.

Good luck.