how do i alter the pitch on technics turntables 1210,s under platter and is it worth doing?

Pull off the platter. If you have trouble pulling it up, give the spindle a LIGHT tap. Remove the cover. You will find a light blue knob near the corner of the system board. Turn that knob to make the pitch go slower or faster.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. According to Wikipedia (apparently the 1210 is the same as the 1200 except for color), you already have pitch control.
. If you want to make a gross change, you may be able to replace the pulley on the motor, but I wouldn't think that would be worth doing.
. Oops! It's direct-drive, so you can't change the pulley.
lemonie8 years ago
Change the speed? The only thing I've ever done with turntables is make 'em run in reverse... L