how do i break into a bedroom door?

i am constantly locking my keys in my bedroom, and having to climb in through my window! how do i jimmy the door latch to get inside, so i don't have to go outdoors to get in? i know about the methods with credit cards, knives, screwdrivers, etc, but have NO clue what to do with them! and yes, i know the obvious answers are "don't lock yourself out" and keep a spare key somewhere" but neither method has worked, so i'm going to the next option! please help!

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I like the Kool-Aid man approach.
zchampine7 years ago
 Just keep a spare somewhere outside the room, and always return it to that spot immediately after you unlock the door so you don't lock both sets inside next time. That's what I do so I'm never locked out of my room.
An Villain8 years ago
npa48638 years ago
is it keyed or is there a button u push to lock it???? if its keyed attach your keys to your person.... if its a button lock, straten out a paper clip and stick it in that hole and pock around for a button the tada unlocked
Next time, switch the plate on the handle so the one with the screws are on the outside. You would then just unscrew the handle, and door is no longer locked. It totally reduces the security of the lock, but It would be pretty obvious if someone were removing the whole handle to get into the room. Another way is to switch the door so the hinges are on the outside of the door. Then just take a thin screwdriver and tap each hinge pin out. Once the hinges are out, remove the door from the frame. Same issue as above about security although if you can just climb in through the window, security doesn't seem a big concern.
frollard8 years ago
Install a deadbolt, or deadbolt style lock, where you MUST use the key to lock the door. Install a lock (this is what I did) that can be opened with a code or thumbprint instead of (or in addition to) the key. Build one of the arduino locks on here (diy step above :D)
You can also duct tape a spare key to the bottom of your shoe's insole (or if the insole is not removable, to the inside of the tongue). It's not likely that you would leave home without your shoes, right?
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Change your door handle with lock to a bathroom-type door handle with lock. They acutally have a hole on the outside handle to access and unlock the door with a small screwdriver or flat rod to turn the latch in case of emergency. You can lock it the normal way by turning the doorknob latch once on the inside. If you don't really need the privacy security lock, then you can't really permanently lock your bedroom. Good luck.
110100101108 years ago
insert the card and move it into the back side of the latch. if it is cut at angle it may go into the door the same can be done with a string or heavy duty electrical wire if your door is more tamper proof - use a credit card to move the latch from its front side a bit at a time and pull the door to hold it untill the next step