how do i build a wireless usb hub?

i would like to build a wireless usb hub for giggles it's cheaper to buy but i want to do it anyways can anybody help

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Redion5 years ago
But using fiber optics should be relatively easy and fun to make!
Redion5 years ago
I suspect there could be a problem with the clock frequency because it is going to take a time to convert the data pulses into rf and then back into pulses.

I do like the idea!

I can think of using 4 Walkies Talkies.
One pair on each end. 1 for receiving data and the other one to transmit.
But in case of interference connection going to drop or even worse if you are using some kinda storage device on the other RF end you could corrupt your data. So error correction needs to be implemented. Now that bring this idea to the whole new level where PCB engineers and corporation with the factories can manufacture such a toy.

I remember I have seen device like that in TigerDirect. It had PS2 USB VGA SOUND send over wireless to another receiving bar. And it was 2 way communication. But it costed $150.

Good luck!
marzban1235 years ago
has anybody tried this out yet? just thinking about it, it seems fairly simple and strait forward.

think about it. a usb connector has 4 pins: +5v, ground, tx (transmit), and rx (receive).

the 5v supply is easy to make. how hard would it be to have a set of transmitters and recievers for the Tx and Rx (data) connections?

since Tx is transmit you could build a simple (maybe even FM) transmitter. then you could even use a cheap radio to pick up the data. it does not have to be long range, lets say a printer in the same room.

here is a picture of what i was thinking
Well you need a high quality, high integrity RF link, the rest is software. Steve
And it's not an easy project, either.